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Charlie’s Christmas Tree — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting my story about Charlie. I always looked forward to him putting up his tree every year. When I would come home at night from either Lamar or Las Animas( I was a home health nurse ), you could see it shining from miles away,like a compass of the North Star. Pointing to me as if to say, you’re almost home!
    Christmas always brings memories to us all and his tree always reminded me of my loving memories of Christmas s’ with family and friend’s. Thanks again Jan! Terry Hogue

    • Oh Terry, I couldn’t not share this. I remember that Christmas tree, too. So many years, that tree looming above, a beacon in a dark night, reminding me of the Joy of the season.

  2. Thank you Terry, for your heartfelt sharing. And we all thank Colleen for keeping their warm and Merry Christmas tradition going. But then…that’s OUR Colleen…

    Yes! Charlie is missed…by all. Merry Christmas Charlie; to you – and all your angels.

    Merry Christmas…to all.

    Danielle & Don

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