One of the most exciting things you can do in your hometown is participate in the building and sharing of a website where local news, local business, and local people can hang out sharing thoughts, ideas, and concepts as they occur. This site offers many of those options, including, on the About Hasty page, a lingering commentary – where you can write your own comment, or comment and reply on someone else’s comment. The options there are endless.

And better yet, by contacting local resident, Danielle Simone, you can have your own business spotlighted in our blog, with an ad banner, pictures, and a short introduction to your business.

Or you can buy an ad for the sidebar, or a banner ad for the bottom of our page. Local businesses who have been spotlighted on our blog will have a short term ad appear for free, but you can purchase an ad for one of these locations for a specific period of time, or to appear indefinitely in our blog, below.

Banner Ads:

Banner ad

Can be purchased to be placed on the front page, in the bottom widget for just $99 for a 3 month slot. This will include the design of the ad, and the first three months of being placed there. Your ad will be placed at the top and slowly move down the page as new ads are purchased. Meaning that if you renew your ad every 3 months, you start again at the top of the ad section of the page.

Click below to purchase your 3 month ad:

Button Ads for Sidebar:

Your Ad ButtonYou’d think everyone would want in on the ad-blast to get their business known, branded, and recognized in the Hasty Dam area. We’ve been posting articles about local businesses, and some of them, we’ve already created ad banners to share on the front page, but they could have a button on the side bar that shows up on EVERY single page on the site. For a month at a time, at $35 a month, or for a whole year, just $360 for the year. You decide how much advertising your business would like to have. Our site is visible on mobile, so people traveling through who see your sign might wonder what’s to see here… And they search for your business name, you don’t even have to have a website. Your ad and ‘story’ might be listed on the Hasty site.

Purchase your ad right here!

12 Month Sidebar Button Ad:

Thank you for sharing your business with us.