“Life is like the continuum of nature — the sunrise is birth, the dawn of a new day. We live through the morning, absorb the sunlight of prosperity during the day, and squeeze the last drops of sunlight out of the day, long after the sun has gone down.” ~Jan Verhoeff

Be patient for the dawn…

Hasty Colorado DawnHasty, Colorado, located on East Highway 50, just north of John Martin Reservoir, offers a plethora of lively events throughout the year. Many of these events surround the dam, camping, and tourist attractions to the area.

Residents in and around Hasty claim home rights, reserving the best of the community around their homes.

When the dirt kicks up across the prairies, residents take cover, knowing that no matter how bad the dirt storm, the best of community comes after, as neighbors check on neighbors and friends meet for coffee, over fences, and to share a meal at a neighboring park, in a nearby church, or in a neighbor’s home. Life goes on…

Hasty Campground

Photo by Danielle

If you’re looking for a great spot to camp this summer, or a place to spend your vacation, don’t let all the destination vacations take your breath away, until you’ve considered camping at Hasty Camp Ground, below the John Martin Dam in eastern Colorado. The sunrises and sunsets will leave you breathless. Days on the prairie offer fishing, adventure and exploration. Catch a local at the coffee shop and ask for a tour. They’ll be happy to tell you legends of the area, and give you a quick rundown of any hot spots within an easy drive of the campground. There’s plenty to do on the plains, and it won’t cost you a second mortgage to do it. Bring the kids and have a ball!

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